Getting to know an author...

I've been following Pam Hillman's Blog Tour for her new book release Claiming Mariah, which was published by Tyndale earlier this month.

Pam, as it turns out, is an amazing person who has had some truly amazing adventures. She's posted several wonderful interviews and articles on her tour this week, all of which give a glimpse into her life and also into her inspiration for her book and her main character.

The blog tour stops are all very interesting, I'd recommend that you read them all if you can.
Oh, and don't forget to enter her drawings for some nifty prizes - including a Kindle or a Nook.

Today's stop on Pam's Blog Tour is here:

This week's stops included:
Monday - Seekerville
Thinking Outside the Box...and THEN Some!
Pam's blog stop here deals with promotional tools for writers. It may not hold interest for you if you're a reader, but if you're a reader and a writer, you'll definately want to take a look. Pam has some really original and unique ideas that she shares.

Tuesday - Sarah Forgrave's Blog -
Dreaming of the Tropics with Pam Hillman (A Meet and Greet Interview)
Pam gives a very interesting interview on this blog stop. I learned quit a bit about the author, and it was an enjoyable experience. Pam is very open, and often funny, in her responses to Sarah's interview questions.

Wednesday - Pens on a World Map -
Starbucks at Your Fingertips? - Author Pam Hillman Interview and Giveaway
Another interview with Pam, but this time with some interesting questions and answers about travel.

Thursday - Henry McLaughlin's blog -
A New Book and Giveaways from Pam Hillman
Hmm. I learned something new about Pam at this blog stop. She has spent most of her adult life "buying millions of pounds of precious metals, stainless steel, copper, and brass goods."

Friday - Living The Body of Christ blog -
The Ultimate Heart Monitor
Ever thought about heart monitors much? I hadn't really either, until like Pam, my father developed heart issues. Now, I know a lot more about them than I used to. Click on over to this blog and read about heart monitors, and learn about God's monitor for our own hearts.

Saturday - Infinite Characters blog -
Pam Hillman on the IC Hotseat today!
One of the best interviews I've read in quite a while. Connie's questions and Pam's answers had me grinning the whole time. I also learned something new. Pam Hillman was once caught in a stampede! A stampede! How many authors do you know who can say that? And there was also a little something in the interview about juggling. Pam is certainly an author with many other talents...