Recommended Author: Lee Child

Lately, I've been on a Lee Child reading binge. I picked up a Jack Reacher series book several months ago, and since then, I've been hooked. I've read every Lee Child novel I could get my hands on, and I still want more! And I love the audiobooks for the series too.

Lee Child writes brilliantly! His plots are flawless and action-packed. His characters are fantastic (more Jack Reacher please!). And his settings are masterfully written. His writing style is riveting, and very successfully keeps readers wanting more.

I cannot believe that I haven't picked up a Lee Child novel before now. If you have been missing out on Lee Childs too, I highly recommend that you pick up a Jack Reacher novel and start reading. If you love action, suspense and a good story, you'll be hooked too - 'and that's for damn sure!,' as Jack Reacher says.

It just so happens that Lee Child will be releasing a new Jack Reacher novel in September. To see what else Lee Child has written, check out the book list on his site.