Review: Probing, Cycle Three of the Harbingers Series

This is the first book I've read in the Harbinger Series. The book contains four stories, each by a different author, yet linked together by the cumulative experiences of members of a unique team. Each author writes from the perspective of a different team member, and the resulting book is a very original piece of Christian entertainment. Each story is short enough to read through quickly during the ride home on the subway, while waiting to pick up your kids from dress rehearsal or just in the evening before bed. The four short stories included in Probingare:

Leviathan by Bill Myers The Mind Pirates by Frank Peretti Hybrids by Angela Hunt The Village by Alton Gansky The Harbinger series format is such a great idea! I really enjoyed having four stories by different authors that I could read through quickly, but which had an overarching central theme and a good Christian message. The reading level in Probing seems geared toward YA, so this book would be the perfect gift for the teen bookworm in your life.