Review: Pandora:Outbreak by Eric L Harry

This apocalyptic novel by Eric L. Harry was a bit of a surprise. The book was loaded with references to various sciences, particularly neuroscience, which made for an interesting read. Readers will definitely be able to tell that Mr. Harry did his research for this book. While the premise, and the science, is great, the book really lags in some areas and the dialogue is sometimes choppy and unrealistic. I had a hard time getting to know Isabel, the main character in the book, and a harder time trying to follow her roller coaster emotions.

I kept reading, waiting for something to happen, but sadly nothing ever really did. And the book ends with a huge cliffhanger, just when the reader starts to think that the action has finally arrived. This being said and my curiosity being peaked, I find that I'm still eager to read the next book in the Pandora: Outbreakseries, just to see what finally happens to Isabel and Emma.